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Latest Configuration Guides
Platform Title
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Snort Intrusion Detection System w/ Barnyard2 and PostgreSQL Support
February 9, 2014
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Apache 2 Web Server w/ PHP5, OpenSSL, Suhosin and PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2 and/or Oracle Databases
May 24, 2013
IBM AIX 7.1 Setting Up TCP/IP, SSH and a GNU C / C++ Development Environment on AIX
January 9, 2012
Slackware Linux 13.37 IP Traffic Logger/Capture w/ Daemonlogger
May 9, 2011
Media and Research Requests
For journalists of all media, please use my PGP key for e-mail communications. Most requests I receive are for validating claims of major security events or vulnerabilities.

About one out of every five events I examine turn out to be fully or partially true. Our little community is increasingly becoming filled with rotten apples.

There is also an assumption of anonymity on my part, with exceptions only in very specific and authorized situations.

For research discoveries and disclosure, I already have a trusted list of journalists. For individuals and groups looking to include me in their efforts, please communicate using my PGP key listed above. Do your due dilligence first. I get a lot of requests and vetting what is legitimate gets annoying.
Splunk|  Blog

90 Seconds to Cloud Confidence

31 March 2015 - If you’re responsible for your organization’s cloud strategy, or if you are responsible for managing applications and resources across a hybrid of on-premise and cloud environments, give me 90 seconds to show how you can gain the visibility and assurance you need to leverage the cloud with confi…

Smart AnSwerS #16

31 March 2015 - Hey Splunk community and welcome to the 16th installment of Smart AnSwerS. It seems like there’s a national holiday for almost everything now, and corn dogs fortunately made the cut! National Corn Dog Day was this past Saturday, March 21st, but we celebrated at Splunk HQ last Thursday. Boiling…

Splunk at Gartner BI & Analytics Summit

30 March 2015 - We’re very excited to be attending the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit this week in Las Vegas. In addition to welcoming attendees in our booth (#517), we’ll also be presenting during the following times: Theater Session Monday, March 30 | Showcase Theater A, Fo…

Making a dashboard with tabs (and searches that run when clicked)

30 March 2015 - In this post I am going to walk through how to make a dashboard with content separated into tabs. Not only will the content be divided into tabs, but the searches in the panels will not execute until the tabs are clicked. This prevents the dashboard from running all of the searches at once when the…

The Fan Experience Comes Down to Data

30 March 2015 - A scenario for a football fan’s version of a “terrible, horrible, no good, bad day:” It starts with your stomach grumbling with hunger at that football game you’ve been waiting for weeks to attend. You run down to concessions, only to wait in a long line and when you finally reach the counte…

Snort  |  Blog

Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 03/31/2015

31 March 2015 - Just released:Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 03/31/2015We welcome the introduction of the newest rule release from Talos. In this release we introduced 54 new rules and made modifications to 23 additional rules. There were no changes made to the snort.conf in this release.Talos's rul…

Snort++ Build 144 Available Now

31 March 2015 - Snort++ build 144 is now available on  We have a number of updates this time for you!New features:ported dns inspectorported ssh inspectoradded doc/usage.txtBug fixes and enhancements:reworked autotools generation of api_options.hupdated default manualsapply service from hosts when i…

Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 03/26/2015

26 March 2015 - Just released:Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 03/26/2015We welcome the introduction of the newest rule release from Talos. In this release we introduced 25 new rules and made modifications to 5 additional rules. There were no changes made to the snort.conf in this release.Talos's rule…

Snort++ Update

26 March 2015 - Just pushed build 143 to github (snortadmin/snort3):added ssh inspectorapply service from hosts when inspector already bound to flowensure direction and service are applied to packet regardless of flow stateenable active for react / reject only if used in configurationfixed use of bound ip and tcp p…

Snort VIM Configuration posted!

25 March 2015 - Our own Victor Roemer of the Snort team has taken the time to write up his own VIM configuration for the Snort rules language. I've posted a link to his github page over on the documentation page under "Additional Resources"Thanks Victor!

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